Thursday, November 1, 2012

Back From The Dead...

I've been MIA for a while now, both because of my current job and also because for the last several months I've had the privilege of attending a couple of Character Design Workshops at the Animation Collaborative.  During this time I've gotten to work with two really talented Instructors Dan Holland and Chris Sasaki who combined have worked some 13 years at Pixar as well as other studios.  These workshops have turned out to be a creative goldmine for me.  Most importantly, I've learned let go of some tropes that I'd desperately been hanging on to since I begun my Animation/Illustration schooling.  Below are a few examples of exploratory sketches I've been working on:

There definitely will be more to come as I complete my portfolio for this final workshop.  Additionally, you may now check out my most current portfolio.  It's still a work in progress since I'll most likely be incorporating my newest and strongest work in the next months.

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sherlock Holmes: Storyboards in Progress

Here is a small storyboard sketch for The Adventure of the Final Problem.  I'm heading towards doing some environment layouts so I thought it might be good practice to board out this particular scene.  The wide shot above depicts Moriarty arriving at 221b Baker Street to confront Sherlock.  I'll post up more sketches as they come.  On the next pass I hope to work more on the color of each shot to create a sort of rudimentary color script.

Ultimately this is all a practice in design process... So far so good.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Art Night Sketch

In keeping with my promise to myself, here is another character sketch I did at an Art Night gathering last night.  At first I had it in mind to portray Mr. Jabez Wilson from The Red Headed League but he turned out less fatter than I had imagined.  Still, it was a fun drawing to work on.  I may even give him some color.  For now hes still Jabez to me, just imagine him with bright carroty red hair.  I've got a Moriarty in the works!  I'll post him up soon.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Moley: Re-iteration

I did this iteration of Mole a little while ago on a piece of scratch paper... I'm liking the direction.  Its a lot simpler somewhat sloppier and quirkier.  I like to think that the animals from the Willow Glen tailor their own fashions from scrap pieces, therefore their clothes are somewhat ill fitting.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Its Been a While...

Sherlock and the Black Pearl of the Borgias

Well, its been way too long since I last posted, but that's not out of laziness... In October of last year, I got my first job as a concept artist and of course I hit the ground running, doing drawings primarily for work.  Its been a challenge carving out time to work on my own personal projects, but I've managed to get some sketching time in here and there.  I hope to keep up the blog as much as possible by creating little drawing challenges for myself every week.  While the above doodle took a little while to color (primarily because of time limitations) I initially sketched it out in about 20 minutes.  If I can at least get one character drawing in a week, I'll be happy.  Then maybe as I get back into practice in I'll start actually doing some illustrations.  This here is my re-iteration of Sherlock Holmes from "The Six Napoleons."  Maybe I'll do Moriarty next?