Monday, February 28, 2011

Maquette Sculpt: Turning Guillermo

I drew some turns for Guillermo this weekend in between working on the short. Surprisingly enough, it didn't take me too long to complete them. Next I'll blow these drawings up so that he is about a foot tall. From there I'll be planning and building my wire armature as well as the base for the maquette.

One thing I have always had problems with when drawing turns is the 3/4 pose. This time around I started with the 3/4 and drew the rest of the turns from there. I don't know why I'd never thought of that before, it made the whole process much smoother. Can't wait to translate this guy into clay. Expect frequent updates as I continue to work on this project. :)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sketchbook Stuff 02/26/11

Just wanted to post a couple of pages from my sketchbook. I love seeing other artists sketchbooks especially when they leave notes to themselves in it. I can relate to that... Sometimes I even write my grocery list in there.

I used to carry around a larger sketchbook but recently I've been drawing it a tiny Moleskine notebook. I find that in a larger book I tend to get bogged down by details instead of looking at the whole picture. It's a much better way to get my ideas out. I still manage to draw a ton of details even in my small sketches. One of the guys I am working with was actually surprised that the preliminary sketches I had sent them for the short were all done on a page no larger than 3 1/4 X 5 1/2.

Anyway, I decided to give Guillermo a buddy... Probably his only human friend Umberto. He is a little tubby and very loyal. I fixed his hair color in Photoshop per my notes :). I've also been designing more creatures... I have yet to know what the 'Satchel-mouth" eats. The last one is my first sketch of "Quillard." It gives you a good idea of what his color will be like.

In the next week I will be working hard on the short... I have to draw a series of face shapes for the main character and I also have to finish turns for the secondary character. I will also be finishing turns for Guillermo, and begin work on an armature for a maquette... So much work! Loving every minute of it... Check back again soon!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

More Friends For Guillermo

"Quillard" Col-Erase Pencil.

"The Birth of Britannicus" Col-Erase Pencil

I've been keeping busy lately with sketches for my story idea. These guys just keep popping out of my head and onto my sketchbook, its interesting to see how they develop. The first drawing is of what I call a "Shark-faced Quillard" (or just "Quillard" for short;). He drinks ink until he is almost bursting and shoots it out tips of his quills.

The second drawing is the birth of "Britannicus" the Textbook/Encyclopedia eating Beast. An Illustrator friend of mine had the idea that they would become larger the more they ate, and I thought it would be interesting if they incubated in Guillermo's desk.

I will be coloring these this week in between working on the short. I am also drawing some turns for Guillermo as a maquette reference. Hopefully I can get the armature done by next week. I would also like to sculpt other characters. Aside from developing the story, my other objective is to flesh these characters out as much as possible so that in theory they could be animated.

Anyway, I've been having a great time working on this and the short. It seems that inspiration knows no bounds these days... I've produced more work in the last month than I have in the last three years... Exciting times! Thanks for looking and stay tuned for more.

Monday, February 21, 2011


"Gullermo" Character sheet

"Britannicus" Pose. Col-erase Pencil.

Aside from doing visual development on the stop-motion project, I've also been working on a story idea. Initially a portfolio building exercise, I am now developing a story based on the main character Guillermo. He is loosely based on Guillermo Del Toro and his penchant for keeping a sketchbook full of creature designs. My Guillermo is a schoolboy who does much the same thing although his beasts really come to life and consume the things that make his life difficult. That is the general thread at this point but I am sure it will grow to encompass much more and include a cast of monsters each with their own unique personalities and purposes. I will be working on character model sheets for all the characters, and I've even thought of doing a few maquettes in clay. At this point I am thinking of it as an idea for a children's book, age range around 8-10. Stay tuned for more!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Goings On...

WOW so much to update. A ton of things have cropped up lately. For one I am developing a story for a children's book. It's still in the very early stages, but it looks promising. It initially started as a portfolio building exercise but it is slowly taking on a life of its own. I will post a few of my sketches here soon.

Besides that, I was recently asked to head visual development for a Stop-Motion short. So far I have been designing characters for the film. Designs for the two lead characters have been approved and I am finishing turns so the characters can be sculpted in clay. I will also be responsible for designing the foreground/background elements, props, and other peripheral characters. YES I have my work cut out for me, but I am having so much fun working with these guys! Judging by their last film, they are two very talented and dedicated artists in their own right. Once we are further along I will post a few of the designs. Out of respect for the production, I am keeping things on the "down-low" for now.

With that, I'll leave you with a quick sketch/speed (Photoshop) painting I did recently. This is an homage to Chris Sanders ("Lilo and Stitch," "How To Train Your Dragon"). I've always admired his work so I thought I would try my hand at some Sanderesque appeal! :) I know it may be wishful thinking, but I hope "How To Train Your Dragon" wins best animated film!

More to come! :)