Monday, February 21, 2011


"Gullermo" Character sheet

"Britannicus" Pose. Col-erase Pencil.

Aside from doing visual development on the stop-motion project, I've also been working on a story idea. Initially a portfolio building exercise, I am now developing a story based on the main character Guillermo. He is loosely based on Guillermo Del Toro and his penchant for keeping a sketchbook full of creature designs. My Guillermo is a schoolboy who does much the same thing although his beasts really come to life and consume the things that make his life difficult. That is the general thread at this point but I am sure it will grow to encompass much more and include a cast of monsters each with their own unique personalities and purposes. I will be working on character model sheets for all the characters, and I've even thought of doing a few maquettes in clay. At this point I am thinking of it as an idea for a children's book, age range around 8-10. Stay tuned for more!

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