Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sketchbook Stuff 02/26/11

Just wanted to post a couple of pages from my sketchbook. I love seeing other artists sketchbooks especially when they leave notes to themselves in it. I can relate to that... Sometimes I even write my grocery list in there.

I used to carry around a larger sketchbook but recently I've been drawing it a tiny Moleskine notebook. I find that in a larger book I tend to get bogged down by details instead of looking at the whole picture. It's a much better way to get my ideas out. I still manage to draw a ton of details even in my small sketches. One of the guys I am working with was actually surprised that the preliminary sketches I had sent them for the short were all done on a page no larger than 3 1/4 X 5 1/2.

Anyway, I decided to give Guillermo a buddy... Probably his only human friend Umberto. He is a little tubby and very loyal. I fixed his hair color in Photoshop per my notes :). I've also been designing more creatures... I have yet to know what the 'Satchel-mouth" eats. The last one is my first sketch of "Quillard." It gives you a good idea of what his color will be like.

In the next week I will be working hard on the short... I have to draw a series of face shapes for the main character and I also have to finish turns for the secondary character. I will also be finishing turns for Guillermo, and begin work on an armature for a maquette... So much work! Loving every minute of it... Check back again soon!

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