Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Its Been a While...

Sherlock and the Black Pearl of the Borgias

Well, its been way too long since I last posted, but that's not out of laziness... In October of last year, I got my first job as a concept artist and of course I hit the ground running, doing drawings primarily for work.  Its been a challenge carving out time to work on my own personal projects, but I've managed to get some sketching time in here and there.  I hope to keep up the blog as much as possible by creating little drawing challenges for myself every week.  While the above doodle took a little while to color (primarily because of time limitations) I initially sketched it out in about 20 minutes.  If I can at least get one character drawing in a week, I'll be happy.  Then maybe as I get back into practice in I'll start actually doing some illustrations.  This here is my re-iteration of Sherlock Holmes from "The Six Napoleons."  Maybe I'll do Moriarty next?


  1. funny, i have been marathoning Sherlock tv series lately and i just can't stop watching!!!
    now i can't wait for season 3 hahah :D
    i like your illustration and yeah Moriarty why not??? :D
    oh congrats on your new job!

  2. I love Sherlock! Especially the second season and especially the last episode of the second season. SO Awesome, and yeah, I cant wait for the third. I actually had Sherlock playing in the background as I painted this. BTW have you seen the Jeremy Brett/Granada Version of Sherlock Holmes? Brilliant! It's set in the period of the books.