Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dorothy Gale

For the past few Months I have been developing my vision for "The Wonderful Wizard Of OZ." I went back to the source material and took some notes on the descriptions Baum had made for some of the characters. Baum was very meticulous with some characters and others not so much, but from what I could garner, the book takes place in 1885 so Dorothy would surely not be wearing a short Gingham with short frilly stockings like in the Classic Judy Garland Musical. The dress would be in more of a "prairie" style with a high neck line and sleeves that went below the elbow. She would most likely be wearing long black wool stockings that would match her black high top boots. Here Dorothy is dressed in her "OZ attire." After having spoken to the Good Witch of the North (not Glinda). She discards her old worn out shoes in favor of the Silver Slippers (not Ruby... that's MGM's intellectual property:). I always pictured Dorothy as a somewhat disheveled rough and tumble prairie girl: very resourceful and playful with a happy and kind heart. Judging by her last name Gale, her family would have originated from England. She would have somewhat ruddy freckled skin with bright blue eyes and auburn hair. Toto of course is a Cairn Terrier... a little spark plug.

I am now in the process of painting the Scarecrow. I will be painting a character plate for each character as I go along. I will also be working on Illustrative compositions in a larger format. All will be posted here, though I will refrain from posting pages from the sketchbook for the time being. Thanks for looking!

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  1. I love you site and greatly admire your talent. I am especially interested in your Oz illustrations.

    I have a blog site ( that uses Oz as a metaphor and I would like to use some of your images. But I wouldn't do so without your permission.

    (I make no money from my site).

    If you would be willing to let me use your illustrations (with the proper credit and links to your site), I would appreciate it.

    I hope you might have the time to get back to me.