Friday, November 20, 2009

Sketchbook: Composition Thumbnail

I wanted to refrain from posting sketchbook drawings but this is more along the lines of composition planning rather than character and object design.  This composition thumbnail sketch depicts Dorothy on the farm sometime before the cyclone.  Toto is investigating a yellow butterfly fluttering by as Dorothy, distracted by Toto, puts down her little picture book to watch what he is doing.  In the background you can make out the farm house and the barn.  The landscape is barren and grey, the earth is baked into a dull shade.  The sunburnt grass sways with the wind as it clings to the banks of an irrigation ditch just out of frame. The Illustration does not depict a specific scene in the book, rather it is a little vignette that could be used at the beginning of the book as the Ex-Libris. This will be my next big project. 


  1. This is beautiful, Glenn! Airy and full of life!

  2. Thank you Maja, I am working out the poses for the final. I will post them soon. :)

  3. looks great your oz and your harrp potter stuff and great. are you going to do a wizard of oz book, like you did with peter pan, that would be worth buying.