Sunday, March 28, 2010

Imagine FX, North Coast Excursions, Work in Progress.

So a little while ago I sent some work in to Imagine FX on a whim. My co-worker is a subscriber so I usually get to leaf through it when she is there (ever since that one time when she lent me a copy and I misplaced it... I payed her back). Anyway, it looks like some of my work will be featured in the May issue in the FXpose section for traditional media. I submitted three paintings though I'm still not clear if they will be publishing all three or only publishing one. Either way, I am flattered and surprised, and very happy. The publication originates in the UK so it won't get to the US until June. I've also been waiting to hear back from Communication Arts and Spectrum Fantastic Art. By this point it seems that I may not have made the cut, but you win some and you loose some. I'll have bigger and better work for next year so... moving on.

I was able to get away a bit recently to the small coastal town of Mendocino which is like my little piece of heaven on earth. I was happy to have found some cheap accommodations at a hostel in Caspar between Fort Bragg and Mendocino. I haven't yet been able to sit down on the trails to do some sketching, but the next time I go up, I want to do some landscape sketches perhaps some botanical drawing. It's been a while since I have done any observational sketching so its about time.

Right now I have two pieces on the easel. The first one is OZ related depicting this moment in the book. So far I am happy with the way it is coming together, though I still need to work on Toto's pose, and I also need to sketch out the landscape in the background. This piece promised to be a huge challenge from the get go. I am trying to wrap my head around the amount of pattern layout I will have to do for the different garments... Always those little Everest's... That's the story of my life. The second one is The little Match Girl. This is coming along quite nicely. I still have to work a few details out, but hopefully by next Wednesday I will have all of the under drawing done for the first painting and most of the under drawing done for the second. Provided I have no more personal setbacks as I did on Wednesday, I should be well on my way to inking.

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